Monday, June 8, 2015

Past artworks

A piece from Spring 14, Art Before Your Eyes and the Galesburg Civic Art Center
Sunshine and Rain, Diptych Mixed Media on Wood Panel

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pamela jordan said...

Hello! I use tools from college almost daily for notes etc. Your beautiful birds are on the front of my Blick sketch tablet along with this blog. I love your quiet excitement about the works you hung in Galesburg. Excitement ought to be my middle name, because I've used less exclamation points writing to you than usual. After I graduated from LMC in 2013 I have continued to work on my blog also..., moregloryfrompain2.blogspot, moregliryfrompain3, all connected. I earned 3 degrees with honors & was absolutely surprised at how my art professor pulled art from my depths! Perhaps you will take a look at my blog some day. May God richly bless you!